#MFRWauthor ~ Corn Mazes & Bike Trails & Pumpkin Patches – Oh, My! (@KA_Raines)

MFRW’s Week 40 Blog Prompt: “It’s a sunshiny day, what do you do?”

Fall. I love it. So. Friggin’. Much. Don’t get me wrong; every season has its perks. I’m hugely fond of the Christmas season, but being in East Texas we don’t see a lot of snow. Just a lot of cold rain, which means a lot of wet, cold mud. (While I realize everyone who lives in areas who get snow view it as overrated and possibly a nuisance, I view it as magical). Spring, of course, means flower blossoms and the scent of honeysuckle, and it’s cool enough that I can sit on my patio and enjoy the view of the pine trees bordering my backyard without the risk of melting.

I loved summer as a child, and it still has its merits. I love campfires and s’mores and swimming and boating and rafting and beaching. However, lately these fun trips have been few and far between (what with COVID and trying to finish school during summer semesters). And did I mention that summer in East Texas is humid and hotter than hades? While during the spring I sat outside with my daughter while she played on her slip ‘n slide and swing set, by summer the heat and mosquitos had largely driven us indoors.

But, oh, fall, how do I love thee! I can sit on my patio and enjoy the trees again! My kids and I can hit the bike trail!

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We’ve already been out to the corn maze and pumpkin patch on the first sunshiny Saturday when the temp didn’t rise above 80, and we’re looking forward to going back for the Halloween festivities in a couple of weeks. Before COVID, one of our traditions was to visit Six Flags Over Texas for their annual Fright Fest, but my kids and I won’t be doing that this year (I put our memberships on pause). Still, I’m sure we’ll make some new traditions as a family!

What are your favorite things about fall? Do you have any Halloween traditions? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “#MFRWauthor ~ Corn Mazes & Bike Trails & Pumpkin Patches – Oh, My! (@KA_Raines)

  1. fionamcgier October 6, 2020 / 3:06 pm

    We’ve gone to the same orchard to pick apples for 30 years. This year we did the drive-thru, since no riding on carts behind tractors this year–no way to social-distance. And the folks waiting to get into the apple barn to shop were not all wearing masks. The drive-thru was quick and easy, but no where near as fun for little kids!

    We also love to go camping in the fall! So we went last weekend, even though the highs were in the 50’s and the lows in the 30’s. That’s what big campfires are for!

    We live in the Midwest, so snow is fun ONLY until the end of December.

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    • K.A. Raines October 9, 2020 / 6:09 am

      I’ve been so busy this week with school and work that I just realized I never responded to your comment! Anyway, apple orchards sound amazing!

      It’s funny – Here in Texas, everyone seems to be compliant (largely) about masks, but open air activities seem to be fair game. When we went back to Yesterland Farm for the Halloween festivities, it seemed to be business as usual. No one was particularly concerned with social distancing, so we wore masks, used hand sanitizer liberally, and distanced ourselves from others as best we could. The carts through the pumpkin glow were operating, but it was just my family in one cart. I wouldn’t have crammed in there with others.

      Cold weather campfires are amazing! But being from Texas, I can’t handle low temps lol.

      Thanks for commenting!



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